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Sausalito Roof Repair Craftsmen Guarantees Your Roof Leak Repair Will Work, Or We'll Return And Fix it at No Additional Cost to You 

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Roof Repair Sausalito – No Need for Roof Replacement 

As we emerge from the typical rainy season in Sausalito and begin to look forward to our warm summer, many of us are taking stock of how our homes stood up during the winter and early spring. Homes – even those in a relatively mild climate like Sausalito – take a beating during the winter, and they are often in need of maintenance and repair. When it rains hard, the first part of your home to absorb that impact is your roof. Weather, wear and tear and simple aging can lead to a need for roof repair. If this describes your home, then you may be looking at Sausalito roofing contractors before deciding which one to call.

Trusted Sausalito Roofing Contractors

If Sausalito roof repair is a current need of yours, then you need to call Roof Repair Craftsmen and let your worries fall away. We’ve been repairing leaky roofs for years, and we understand what it takes to get the job done without unnecessary roof replacement. We firmly stand behind our work, and you’ll see exactly how we do that below.


If you need someone in Sausalito to fix your leaky roof, you need a professional who:


  1. Will show up on the scheduled day and at the scheduled time

  2. Will do the work quickly but meticulously

  3. Will explain the entire process at every point in the job

  4. Will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you may want to hear

  5. Will stand behind the work being done


This list above describes our organization accurately in terms of how we operate. Roof Repair Craftsmen has earned a top-level reputation throughout the area, and we’ve also proven that in Sausalito, affordable roof repair is actually an option. We help people who live from Old Town to The Hill to New Town to Nevada Valley and Floating Homes. We understand the area, the weather and why most people need Sausalito roof repair even before we get to a site to inspect the problem.

The Realities of Sausalito’s Climate

We also understand that generally speaking, the heaviest and most frequent rains in Sausalito fall between November and April. That doesn’t mean it won’t rain for the rest of the year, but that’s when roofs here are exposed to the harshest elements. If your roof is several years old, it may be time to take a look at what’s happening. If you live in or near Sausalito and you need to fix a leaky roof before that leak gets bigger, now is the time.


That’s because leaks in roofs do not get smaller, and they do not repair themselves. It’s quite possible that the leak you’re seeing is only a small percentage of the amount of water that’s getting inside your roof and gathering in your attic or somewhere else. You may not realize that because you’re never in that part of the house, and you won’t smell it from so far away, but it’s there and it’s doing what water does to a home – damage. 


If even 20 percent of the wood in your home’s frame gets wet, it can start the process of dry rot. Dry rot will lead to structural inadequacies in your home and will require a major repair to restore the structure properly. Working with a Sausalito leaky roof repair company like ours much earlier in the process can save you a lot of time, stress and ultimately expense.

You Have Nothing To Risk By Contacting Us

We don’t like saying it, as this is the industry in which we work every day, but the brutal truth is that not all Sausalito roofing contractors have strong and positive reputations. We’re used to homeowners not feeling totally comfortable when we arrive to look at a potential repair. Most people are not familiar with the intricacies of roofs and are not fully aware of the work that needs to be done or that has been done with a completed Sausalito roof repair.


We’re always happy to show our homeowners what needs to be done, what we’re doing and what we did when we’re finished. It’s important that you see what you’re paying for and realize the importance of what’s being done. Not to mention, you literally have nothing to lose by contacting us and working with us. That’s because we fully guarantee all of our work, particularly against strong winds and rain. If a problem arises, contact us and we’ll come out immediately and make it right at no cost to you.


You deserve nothing less than to feel safe and secure – and dry – in your home. If you’re looking for Sausalito roof repair, look no further – we’re ready to help. We look forward to earning your trust.