"Imagine you made a simple phone call and pointed at the ceiling. Now it's raining hard, and your roof leak is gone! You feel great your roof leak repair worked like magic"















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Hi, my name is Jose D. Escalante,


Left untreated a leaking roof can make your life hell and hit you where it really hurts. . . In your billfold.


You see, for every drop of water that falls from your ceiling, up to two gallons can soak into the wood rafters supporting your roof. And what starts out as a small leak can turn into costly, dangerous problems.

What's This All About?


There's a good chance you have decided to do something about your leaking roof. And, are concerned about getting roof work done with integrity, and the people you let into your home to do the work. If this is you, then the two minutes it takes to read this short letter will be your best decision all day.

The most important things to consider when selecting a roofing contractor:


  1. Can I trust the company,

  2. Do they deliver high quality work,

  3. Do they conduct their business with integrity,

  4. And are they competitively priced?

  • No longer worry about possible structural damage taking place in your roof every time it rains. (After all. . . nobody wants to live in a home with a ceiling about to fall down from dry-rot).


  • Forget about the nasty molds, fungus, and mildews that can affect the health of you and your family. . . (These little organisms cause coughing; sneezing and can lead to breathing problems).


  • And no need to fear faulty roof repairs from handymen. . . that end up costing you two-to-three times as much. All because the proper skill and attention to detail weren't given the first time around.


For 15 years, I've been helping people who are sick and tired of having a leaky roof. And don't want to call the large roofing contractors. . . because they know even though they only need to stop one roof leak, the big roofing contractors will try to replace the entire roof! Or worse, not even try to repair the roof.


This leaves you with limited choices if you want to repair or perform maintenance on your roof. You either replace your entire roof before it's time like, roofing contractors demand. Or, take a chance with inexperienced handymen. (Who end up costing you more in the long run).


Luckily, it's not all bad news. In truth, it is still possible to find value and quality. (You just need to look a little harder).


And that's why I save people from nightmare roofing issues with flexible solutions. The real difference, however, is our laser-like attention to the vital detail we treat your repair and maintenance with.


I don't want to waste your time or mine


So I'll get right to the point. If you've got a leaking roof. . . then you want a repair specialist who:


  • Takes pride in getting the job done right and feels that today's attitude of slapping stuff together and calling it fixed. . . Simply isn't good enough because there is no magic bullet for repairs.


  • A specialist who will happily fix the problem on the spot regardless of rain, hail or thunderstorm if at all possible and give you a guarantee.


  • Who finishes the job and treats your family with courtesy and your home with respect. 


  • Explains how your roof repair will be handled.


  •  Shows up on time!


  • And realizes how important it is to the future health and safety of your family that the work is completed to the highest standards.


Roof Repair Craftsmen Testimonials

I don't think you're asking for too much. . . As this is how we've conducted business for 15 years. Don't just take my word for it. . .


Below are a few reviews but feel free to see more:

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"Jose Escalante is fantastic. I have been a real estate broker in Sonoma/Marin county for the past 17 years. It has been a struggle to find a roofer of Jose's caliber. During an especially busy, rainy period I was working with a very demanding client. This client was a commercial broker who had worked in San Francisco for decades. He had since retired out of state but came back to Sonoma County to purchase a second home.


My client had rehabbed to many homes to count. He knew good construction and I was worried since my normal roofer was not available. I decided to give Jose a shot. Jose's roofing job was the best I'd ever seen. Not only was his work meticulous (with my client constantly looking over his shoulder) but he was so polite and personable, the space in which he worked was kept clean and given our very tight turn times he even made it a point to call me late into the night just so that I would know that everything was going as planned. In short, I will not use any other roofer in Sonoma or Marin County other than Roofing Craftsmen from here on out. Superb service and quality at a fair price." Tracy Otsuka - Otsuka Group North Bay Luxury Real Estate

"We've been having roof leaking problems for months now since moving in here. With a 3 week old newborn, fixing these leaks is a must. So my property manager called 8 Roofing companies, & only 4 came for Free to give Estimates on the roof, & owner of www.RoofLeakRepairHQ.com was the best in professionalism & very easy to deal with. He goes above & beyond & even goes out of his way to solve & 100% repair/fix any & all leaks in our roof.

1 example of him going above & beyond was I texted him at 10pm at night with 2 quickly shot iPhone videos of my leaks, he instantly called me back & asked if he could drive to my house, in the rain, & he lives an hour away. So he arrived an hour later & climbed up into my small attic opening just to personally locate the problems 1st hand, & he did, which is why I HIGHLY Recommend him fixing any & all roof repairing matters you have. He has workers who help him, & his work is high quality top notch professional work that speaks for it's self.

He's amazing, & a really kind & articulate human. I can't say enough about this guy & his matching quality of work is Very professional. He stands by his work. Which means if something happens with his work, he will always come back free of charge to solve what ever roofing issue that rescuers from work he's done.

You won't be disappointed."
Erin & Makana R. Alameda, CA


"We had a ten year old problem with a mystery leak in one of the houses we take care of. We tried everything from replacing decks, gutters and downpipes and naturally examined the roof in great detail. Jose and his father found the problem in no time at all..." Judith Stern San Rafael, CA


"I recommend Jose Escalante for roof repair services. His knowledge and expertise was very helpful in identifying the problem. It led to a cost efficient solution. His unsolicited offer to follow-up, if necessary, is a service you don't hear much anymore from contractors." John Clifford Corte Madera


"Jose and his father have worked for me on several properties. They always do a great job in a timely manner and they are always on the spot when you need them."

Dora Knell San Rafael, CA


"Jose returns phone calls and showed exactly on time. He knew exactly what to do to fix the problem and got it done fast. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to my friends." Matt Petaluma, CA



Can I be candid with you? Not all roofs are repairable, and if so, we'll tell you. Although in most cases, if you point to the problem area. . . in a short time, we can have the leak repaired for you.


Why Are We The Smart Choice?


  • Roof Leak Repair Analysis: there are so many details to look at if you just miss one your leaving the door open for leaks to continue.


  • You can call us anytime 7 days a week -- night or day to set an appointment.


  • We guarantee our work (more about this in a moment) and we take pride in delivering -- results with high standards.


It is important to secure the vital details correctly, and this obviously takes expertise. You could risk it and get a handyman that does not specialize in any field to do your repair job. At the same time, they won't give you the roof repair promise we do.


Let's face it, you wouldn't ask your family doctor to perform open-heart surgery. So why then would you ask a handyman to perform specialty roof repair work?


Instead of wasting time and money, why not fix your roof leak right the first time. Isn't that worth a quick call? Really, the only thing you've got to lose is your leaking roof.


Craftsmanship With A Promise!

Frankly, I'm so confident in our service I am willing to take all the risk out of hiring us and guarantee our work. We guarantee our work to be secure and strong against heavy wind and rain.

If there are any problems I'll come back and fix it, out of my own pocket. To top it off, even if it's raining we will stop your roof leak. (Most regular contractors don't have the skills to do this).

The next step is to call now on 415-342-5544 and reserve your roof repair analysis.


You will feel comfortable knowing you have a roof repair team that genuinely cares about keeping your roof secure. We reserve the right to refuse a job. Remember, not all roofs are repairable, and some we will not be able to guarantee.


Give us a call anyways because you deserve to get the job done right!

Jose D. Escalante

PS -- Let's face it; our biggest investment is our home. It makes common sense to protect it from water damage and to use trusted professionals. Plus your roof leak repair is guaranteed to prevent leaks or we'll come back and fix at no additional cost.

PPS -- This is scary. It only takes a 20% moisture level in wood and dry rot can start. This grey fungus shoots out at an alarming rate and attacks the structure of your home. The worst part is. . . this is all happening above your head! (Chilling isn't it, all this starts from just a small leak). Call 415-342-5544 and book in for your roofing quote and we will easily solve your problem. For your health and safety please do it now.





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