Roof Repair San Rafael Don't Need to Replace


Maybe you looked up and noticed the dreaded brown water stain in your ceiling or the bowing of your ceiling tiles. Maybe you hear the drip-drip-drip of water any time it rains. Whatever the case may be, you know you've got a leak in your roof. So what do you do?


You might think you only have two options:


  • Call a handyman who doesn’t specialize in roof repair. 

  • Call a San Rafael roofing specialist, who will likely insist on roof replacement.

We’re here to offer you a third, better option — the option to fix your roof with Roof Repair Craftsmen.


Why Roof Repair Craftsmen? 


At Roof Repair Craftsmen, our goal is to provide the best roofing service in San Rafael. We do this by providing honest, trustworthy guidance and expert craftsmanship. Let's take a look at why you should choose Roof Repair Craftsmen over other options for your San Rafael roofing needs. 


Roof Repair Craftsmen vs. Your Typical San Rafael Roofing Specialist


Typical roofing specialists don't want to do small household roofing repairs. These patch jobs don't give them the same amount of value as full roofing jobs. As a result, when you call one of these major companies, you'll often get one of two responses:


  • They'll tell you that they can't work you into their schedule.

  • They'll tell you that the only way to repair your leak is to reroof your entire house. 


If you think having your entire home reroofed for one small leak is overkill, you're right. These companies would have you believe that there's no way to salvage a leaky roof, but that simply isn't true. 


Roof Repair Craftsmen vs. Your Average San Rafael Handyman


If you need open-heart surgery, you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform the procedure. Likewise, if you need to fix your damaged roof, you shouldn’t settle for a general handyman.


Quality roof repair takes an expert hand. While a handyman is more likely than a roofing specialist to repair a portion of your roof, not reroof the entire thing, they’re less likely to have real roofing experience.


Maybe they'll know how to repair one leak, but they won't notice that you have a similar problem in another part of your house. Or maybe they'll botch the repair entirely and you'll have to call another handyman three months down the road. Either way, trying to save by relying on a handyman for your roofing needs will likely end up costing you over time. 


Choosing Roof Repair Craftsmen


What sets us apart from other roofing experts and handymen is that, while we specialize in roofing, we haven't forgotten the real people affected by what we do. We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible while also being honest about your home's needs. If we just need to replace an isolated area to fix your leak, that's what we'll do. 


Our San Rafael Roofing Services


Our goal is to solve your roofing needs as quickly and effectively as possible. To that end, we offer the following unique roofing services:


Free Roofing Analysis


You don't get to choose when your roof starts leaking, but you can choose when it stops. That's why we're available, day and night, to talk with you. 


We won't sugarcoat it: Not all roofs can be repaired. Sometimes, you do need a replacement roof to properly seal off your roof. If that's the case, we’ll not only tell you that, but also explain why. We're not here to make a buck off your misfortune. We're here to help you make the best decision for your roof and your home. 


Quality Roofing Guaranteed


With over 15 years of roofing experience, we know what it takes to make your roof stop leaking. That's why we guarantee our services. If we repair your roof and your problem doesn't go away or makes a quick return, we'll fix the roof again without charging you an extra penny. That's our quality roofing guarantee. 


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Every day your roof leaks, you increase the chance of rot or mold building up in your home. The best way to prevent further damages is to repair your leak as soon as possible. If you're facing a leaky roof in San Rafael, now is the best time to start the roof repair process. Call now to receive your free roof repair analysis.

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