Roof Repair San Anselmo

It started with a spot of color on your ceiling that you didn't know how to place. The next time it rained, that tiny spot grew. Maybe you even have active water dripping into your home. The big two-word question on your mind is, “Now what?”

You know that San Anselmo roof repair is a big job. Many big roofing contractors will tell you that any leak is a sign that your entire roof needs to be replaced. It's hard to justify replacing your whole roof when you just have a small leak, but you also can't let water damage build up in your ceiling. 

If you choose not to use a roofing contractor and hire a handyman instead, you're risking an inexperienced roofer making your problem worse. It feels like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

It shouldn't have to be this way. 

Why Roof Repair Craftsmen?

At Roof Repair Craftsmen, we understand your individual roofing needs. We know that if you need a flat roof repair or an emergency roof repair, you don't want to end up replacing your whole roof unless your current roof truly can't be salvaged. We have over 15 years of experience helping people just like you make confident, informed decisions about their homes’ roofing needs. 

We won't lie and pretend that roofs never need to be replaced. Some roofing issues are beyond repair. Other repairs would be so extensive that it makes more sense to replace your roof entirely. But, more often than not, small leaks have small solutions. 

It's important not to let large roofing contractors talk you into repairs your home doesn't need. That's why it's crucial to work with a craftsman you can trust. At Roof Repair Craftsmen, we strive to be your trusted San Anselmo roofing company. 

Specialized Roofing Experience

If you call a general handyman to repair a leaky roof, you're taking a major risk with your home. Roof repair is a specialized job for a reason. There are a lot of small details to consider when repairing a roof. If your handyman misses just one of those details, your roof leak may continue. You can even find yourself needing to have the same leak repaired multiple times. 

In addition to the extra effort of getting a handyman to come out multiple times, your home may be accumulating water damage during that whole period of time. Dealing with mold or rotting supports will be a lot more extensive than the initial roof repair job.


At Roof Repair Craftsmen, we specialize in roofing. Being experts in the industry means we know all the small details to look for when repairing your roof so that we finish the job the first time we come out to your home. 

Our Roofing Guarantee

At Roof Repair Craftsmen, we're so confident that we'll fix your roof right the first time around that we offer a guarantee. If we have to come back out to repair the same leak again, we'll do so without charging you anything extra. 


This is the type of guarantee you won't get when working with a handyman instead of a specialist. A handyman's job is to be a jack of all trades. But just as you wouldn't ask your family doctor to perform open-heart surgery, you shouldn't ask a handyman to handle a roofing issue.

At Roof Repair Craftsmen, we deal with San Anselmo roofing issues every day. That's why we can offer guaranteed quality service for your home. 

Free Roofing Analysis

We want you to be as comfortable and informed as possible. That's why we offer a comprehensive analysis of your roofing needs before we ever start work on your roof. 


Seven days a week, day or night, we're available to offer a free roofing analysis on your home. We know that you don't get to pick and choose when your home needs work, so we don't pick and choose our availability, either. We take pride in offering roofing analysis any time you need it so that you can rest easy knowing there's a plan in place for your home. 

Don't Wait to Have Your Home Repaired

Every day you delay your roof repair, moisture builds up in your home and may cause irreparable problems. The best way to avoid expensive water damage in your home is to contact a roofing specialist as soon as you notice signs of a leak. Contact Roof Repair Craftsmen at 415-342-5544 for a free roof analysis today. 

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