Our Guarantee

Why Are We The Smart Choice?


  • Roof Leak Repair Analysis: there are so many details to look at if you just miss one your leaving the door open for leaks to continue.


  • You can call us anytime 7 days a week -- night or day to set an appointment.


  • We guarantee our work (more about this in a moment) and we take pride in delivering -- results with high standards.


It is important to secure the vital details correctly, and this obviously takes expertise. You could risk it and get a handyman that does not specialize in any field to do your repair job. At the same time, they won't give you the roof repair promise we do.


Let's face it, you wouldn't ask your family doctor to perform open-heart surgery. So why then would you ask a handyman to perform specialty roof repair work?


Instead of wasting time and money, why not fix your roof leak right the first time. Isn't that worth a quick call? Really, the only thing you've got to lose is your leaking roof.


Craftsmanship With A Promise!

Frankly, I'm so confident in our service I am willing to take all the risk out of hiring us and guarantee our work. We guarantee our work to be secure and strong against heavy wind and rain.

If there are any problems I'll come back and fix it, out of my own pocket. To top it off, even if it's raining we will stop your roof leak. (Most regular contractors don't have the skills to do this).

The next step is to call now on 415-342-5544 and reserve your roof repair analysis.


You will feel comfortable knowing you have a roof repair team that genuinely cares about keeping your roof secure. We reserve the right to refuse a job. Remember, not all roofs are repairable, and some we will not be able to guarantee.


Give us a call anyways because you deserve to get the job done right!

Jose D. Escalante

PS -- Let's face it; our biggest investment is our home. It makes common sense to protect it from water damage and to use trusted professionals. Plus your roof leak repair is guaranteed to prevent leaks or we'll come back and fix at no additional cost.